HONOR collaborates with Porsche Design to introduce high-end luxury smartphones

If the heightened costs of autonomous driving technologies in the auto world have coerced automakers to collaborate, the need for a technology-brimmed smartphone infused with functional design has brought two legacy makers together. Technology brand HONOR announces a long-term global partnership with luxury lifestyle brand Porsche Design to create “high-end smart devices and offer customers a luxury user experience in the world of electronics.” The first product from this alliance is set to be unveiled in China in January 2024. George Zhao, CEO of HONOR commented, “HONOR’s human-centric design melds with Porsche Design’s brand philosophy to create intelligent luxury products that will accelerate the mobile lifestyle of tech enthusiasts and Porsche aficionados alike. This long-term collaboration between HONOR and Porsche Design opens exciting new opportunities to bolster our growth in markets around the world.”

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