Sony Introduces ULT POWER SOUND powered Speakers and Headphones

The ULT POWER SOUND® series incorporates recycled plastic, reflecting Sony’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Sony unveils a new lineup of wireless speakers and headphones designed to immerse you in powerful, heart-pounding sound – the ULT POWER SOUND® series.

Signature Sound for Every Occasion

The series boasts four distinct products: ULT TOWER 10, ULT FIELD 7, ULT FIELD 1, and ULT WEAR. Each incorporates the ULT button, a unique feature that activates different bass modes for a customised listening experience.

ULT1: Delivers deep, low-frequency bass for a truly impactful sound.

ULT2: Provides powerful, punchy bass to get you moving.


The ULT TOWER 10 Party Central at Home

The ULT TOWER 10 transforms your living room into a festival atmosphere. This speaker boasts:

  • Massive Bass: Feel the music resonate through your core.
  • 360° Party Sound and Light: Fills the room with vibrant sound and synchronised lighting.
  • Karaoke Ready: Belt out your favourite tunes with the included wireless microphone.
  • TV Sound Booster: Enhances the audio from your television.
  • Party Connect: Link up to 100 compatible speakers for a truly immersive party experience.

The ULT FIELD 7 Portable Powerhouse

The ULT FIELD 7 lets you party anywhere you want to party. This speaker features:

  • Long Battery Life: Enjoy up to 30 hours of music on a single charge, with quick charging capabilities.
  • Waterproof, Dustproof, and Shockproof: Built to withstand the elements and accidental bumps.
  • Portable Design: Carry the speaker with ease using the convenient handles.
  • Karaoke on the Go: Connect a microphone and unleash your inner singer.
  • Party Connect: Synchronize music and lighting with up to 100 compatible speakers.

The ULT FIELD 1 Big Sound, Small Package

The ULT FIELD 1 offers powerful audio in a compact and portable design. This speaker boasts:

  • Enhanced Bass: Experience rich, deep bass wherever you go.
  • Durable Design: Waterproof, dust-proof, and shockproof for worry-free use.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 12 hours of playtime on a single charge.
  • Multiple Color Options: Choose from black, off-white, forest grey, or orange to suit your style.
  • Versatile Placement: Designed to work horizontally or vertically for optimal space utilisation.

The ULT WEAR Immerse Yourself in the Music

The ULT WEAR headphones provide exceptional bass and noise cancellation, allowing you to lose yourself in your music:

  • Powerful Bass Modes: Choose between ULT1 and ULT2 for deep, low-frequency bass or punchy bass, respectively.
  • Award-Winning Technology: Powered by Sony’s Integrated Processor V1, known for its exceptional audio quality.
  • Advanced Noise Cancellation: Dual Noise Sensor technology and the Integrated Processor V1 effectively block out ambient noise.
  • Comfortable Design: Soft earpads and a comfortable fit ensure extended listening sessions.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 30 hours with Noise Cancelling on, or 50 hours with it off. Quick charging provides 90 minutes of playback with just a 3-minute charge.

Sustainable Design

The ULT POWER SOUND® series incorporates recycled plastic, reflecting Sony’s commitment to environmental responsibility.


The ULT WEAR headphones will be available from April 2024. The ULT TOWER 10, ULT FIELD 7, and ULT FIELD 1 speakers will be available from June 2024.

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