RAVI X Adidas why are these shoes important?

The collab you never thought you needed. 

Dubai is a mish-mash of over two hundred nationalities with varied socio-economic backgrounds, all coming to this city, for one thing, one thing only that is to make a living and now to LIVE. The last part is what is the most important and what signifies change.

For the longest time, Dubai has been a trading port. A transit city for most people. Men moved here to set up businesses or find jobs. Over time these men moved back to their home countries after saving up or moved to western countries with their families in tow. This transitionary nature of Dubai did not let it become home for people; it was unable to let them grow roots here, and there are several reasons for that.

A lot has changed now. It is one of the most progressive cities globally in several avenues. New rules facilitate family visas, how business is done, economic opportunities, education, immigration rules, etc. All these factors allow people to establish roots in Dubai, making them call it home. We are now seeing families who have been here for three to four decades. Their kids now call Dubai their home and don’t think of any other place they want to live in.

So why are shoes like the RAVI Adidas so important? A place like RAVI is an establishment in Dubai society. A must-visit venue on multiple foodie lists and travelogues, it hosts various nationalities of residents and tourists alike. Every time you visit RAVI, you will not see one ethnicity; you will observe multiple ethnicities often sharing tables and enjoying their meals together. You will observe people of all types at its tables eating a wide variety of food and genuinely relishing it.

In a city where restaurants open every hour and on every corner, making a mark where you are appreciated by one and all is a big achievement. In a town with fancy restaurants everywhere, RAVI, which has been serving traditional heartful food over decades, in my book, is a bigger achievement.

Adidas has managed to scratch the surface and recognize the stable part of Dubai. It has managed to reach out and touch Dubai’s core. Taking something old school that is the RAVI restaurant and combining it with their Superstar shoes and hype culture, it has managed to showcase that Dubai is made up of real people with its own culture and identity. People who call this city their home are here for the long haul. Do we still need a visa to live here? Yes, we do… but are we happy to call it home? Yes, we are.

Dubai and RAVI are part of Adidas’s more extensive Adilicious campaign. Adidas has partnered with eleven iconic restaurants in eleven iconic cities to showcase their food and culture! I was lucky enough to cop the RAVI X Adidas.

Looking forward to the next drop!

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