Asics Launches Two New Metaspeed Running Shoes

Japanese sportswear brand Asics has introduced two new running shoes in its flagship Metaspeed Series. They are called Metaspeed Sky Paris and Metaspeed Edge Paris. Compared to the previous versions, the new ones are lighter by 22g. That comes courtesy of a new Motion Wrap Upper 2.0, which has also made the shoe nearly 8 per cent more breathable. Another new aspect is the addition of FF Turbo Plus midsole foam. As per the manufacturer, that helps in weight saving while providing a softer and bouncier experience.

Besides those improvements, Asics has also widened the full-length carbon plate in the forefoot section of the Metaspeed Sky Paris derivative. The brand claims this addition will boost ‘Stride’ runners, who spend large periods airborne and increase their speed by extending stride lengths. On the other hand, the Metaspeed Edge Paris has been updated with a better toe-off and a forefoot made using a new last. These improvements should help ‘Cadance’ runners, who have minimal up and down motions, and increase speed by extending strides and increasing the number of steps per minute.

Both shoes are available for men and women from the brand’s retail and online stores. They are priced at AED 1,050 / SAR 1,210 / KWD 87 / BHD 119.5 / OMR 116.5.

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