OMODA & JAECOO launch three new electrified models at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show

Chinese carmaker OMODA & JAECOO celebrated its participation at the recently concluded 2024 Beijing Auto Show with the launch of three new models. OMODA launched its first pure electric model, the OMODA E5 whereas JAECOO unveiled new energy hybrid models, the J7 and J8 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Additionally, the car brand announced the launch of the O-UNIVERSE “GREEN OJ” public welfare platform that reflects the brand’s commitment towards ecological environmental protection. The brand also boasts a portfolio of existing partnerships with a multitude of organizations, including IUCN, Indonesia’s Pandawara and New Zealand’s Keep New Zealand Beautiful to sustain the long-term growth of its global welfare footprint. On the brand growth front, OMODA & JAECOO has penetrated the global market at a rapid pace, entering key markets around the world and expanding its presence to more than 40 high-potential markets globally, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia, in less than a year.

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