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One thing which infuriates me nowadays is that we are normalizing the most useless type of vehicle segment i.e CROSSOVERS & upon that why in the world are we calling them SUVS?

Why are people buying them in the first place? They’re obviously not capable as an SUV & don’t even look like one. Even I can make a crossover. Its easy, just put larger wheels & cladding on Renault Kwid & boom you’ve got a crossover.

In my mind the sales of these vehicles are increasing cuz we’re only looking for visual aesthetics in the car. For instance the Creta & Hector are leading this segment & both of them have got a nice interior layout, good infotainment screen & I’m not criticizing it. Its good cuz you’re paying for it. But what about the things which you don’t see? Like driveshaft, thermostat etc.. 

The owner of these vehicles brag about the screens, digital cluster, dashboard & all but no one has ever focused on the bits which are more important than these gimmicks. 

Now this is the reason why reliability of almost every new car is worse than a tissue paper.

Some cars are equipped with a thermostat made of Plastic, so when engine gets hot instead of maintaining the temperature it gets melted by itself… But hey look at the themes in the infotainment system. 


These upside down headlights just doesn’t work for me in terms of looks & function. Whenever it rains here in India our roads are proudly turned into oceans filled with rocks & stones, so placing the headlights so low can expand the chances of breakage. I’ve seen some MG Hectors whose headlights are filled with water…. But hey look at the air purifier & 7 colours in the cluster.


People need to get educated on the subject of Auto mobiles. These tech gimmicks are fine but there are other bits of car which are more important to get you from P to Q.

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