Al-Futtaim Auto Centers launches aftersales service network for electrified cars, the UAE’s first

Al-Futtaim Automotive is dead set towards building a comprehensive e-mobility ecosystem in the UAE. Last year, the auto group launched the region’s first IMI-accredited Electric Mobility Training Centre to train EV-specific repair processes to mechanics. And now, Al-Futtaim aims to capitalise on this accredited EV training as it announces the launch of specialised maintenance and repair services for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles across its 18 facilities, also known as Al-Futtaim Auto Centers. With this, owners of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles of all makes and models can have maintenance, repairs and diagnostics performed by trained expert technicians at these Al-Futtaim Auto Centers. This new service launch cements Al-Futtaim Auto Centers as a one-stop solution destination for a wide range of automotive needs and establishes itself as the trusted mobility partner for EV enthusiasts across the UAE. Jawahar Ganesh, Managing Director of Global Aftersales at Al-Futtaim Automotive, said, “By expanding our services to include EV maintenance and support, we are instilling a greater sense of confidence within customers to make the shift towards greener mobility options, be they individual car owners or fleet customers.” Al-Futtaim Auto Centres are equipped with the required tools to serve owners of all brands of EVs and plug-in hybrids, operating all seven days of the week between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

OMODA & JAECOO launch three new electrified models at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show

Chinese carmaker OMODA & JAECOO celebrated its participation at the recently concluded 2024 Beijing Auto Show with the launch of three new models. OMODA launched its first pure electric model, the OMODA E5 whereas JAECOO unveiled new energy hybrid models, the J7 and J8 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Additionally, the car brand announced the launch of the O-UNIVERSE “GREEN OJ” public welfare platform that reflects the brand’s commitment towards ecological environmental protection. The brand also boasts a portfolio of existing partnerships with a multitude of organizations, including IUCN, Indonesia’s Pandawara and New Zealand’s Keep New Zealand Beautiful to sustain the long-term growth of its global welfare footprint. On the brand growth front, OMODA & JAECOO has penetrated the global market at a rapid pace, entering key markets around the world and expanding its presence to more than 40 high-potential markets globally, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia, in less than a year.

MG’s EXE181 Concept electric hypercar pays tribute to a record-breaking car

Global auto expos and concept car unveils go hand in hand and British-born MG continues this tradition at the ongoing 2024 Beijing Auto Show by unveiling an all-electric hypercar concept called the MG EXE181 Concept. If you recall the name from before, Sir Sterling Moss set a land speed record in 1957 with a car called the EX181, which stands to this day. An extra E was added, probably to signify the electric powertrain’s presence, and the design inspiration borrowed from the record-breaking car further helped the concept achieve a drag coefficient of 0.181, explaining the nomenclature behind the concept’s name. MG engineered this car to attain a top speed of 415 km/h and the interior with a streamlined steering wheel and Head-Up Display setup further emphasizes the priority on speed. Tom Lee, Managing Director of MG Motor Middle East, said: “The unveiling of the EXE181 concept is yet another clear demonstration of the eye-catching progress that the MG brand is making both globally and regionally. This concept car embodies MG’s core values of innovation and design excellence, showcasing our commitment to pushing boundaries and shaping the future of automotive technology.”

Alfa Romeo Milano will now be called Alfa Romeo Junior

In a surprising turn of events, Alfa Romeo’s first EV launch – the Milano, will now be called the Alfa Romeo Junior. Alfa Romeo had to incorporate this change as the initial name ‘Milano’ got embroiled in legal complications. The Italian government found it misleading to allow a car to be named after an Italian city and subsequently not get built in Italy. Hence, in the spirit of promoting mutual understanding, Alfa Romeo decided to rename its first-ever EV as Junior which was also the name of Alfa’s 1966 toned-down iteration of the Giulia called the GT 1300 Junior to attract younger fans to the brand. Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo said, “We decided to change the name, even though we know that we are not required to do so, because we want to preserve the positive emotion that our products have always generated and avoid any type of controversy. The attention to our new sports compact that we’ve received the past few days is quite exciting as we had an unprecedented number of visits to the online configurator, causing the website to crash for a couple hours.”