Lamborghini Abu Dhabi & Dubai commissioned a unique art piece to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary

A celebratory brand experience called Suite 60, in honour of Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary, was hosted by Lamborghini Abu Dhabi and Dubai at Nikki Beach. The art piece, ‘Spirits of Countach’, embeds the shapes and lines of the iconic Lamborghini supercar with calligraphic forms, reminiscent of ancient Arabic calligraphy, interwoven with the car’s body. The artwork was a collaboration by the brand with local artist Sasan Nasernia and would be available for viewing at Lamborghini’s Dubai showroom. Guests for the event comprised Lamborghini customers and media personnel including team TCI. Themed rooms highlighting the passion for the raging bull along with racing simulators and a mix of past and current Lamborghini models were put on display for the enjoyment of the attendees and fans of Lamborghini. 

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