Concorso Italiano 2024: A Fresh Approach

The new owner wants it recognised as “the preeminent Italian lifestyle event” outside Italy.

Since the first edition of Concorso Italiano in the mid-80s, the theme has always been the same – celebrating Italian culture with a primary focus on mobility. For 38 years, the event has been a strong crowd-puller during the Monterey Car Week. Now, a new owner has taken control of the proceedings. The name is Richard De Andrade, an entrepreneur, a car collector and a Concorso Italiano patron. He has a new goal for the event in question. He wants it recognised as “the preeminent Italian lifestyle event” outside Italy.

Richard believes that the goal under his five-year plan is achievable by focusing more on the core values of the Italian lifestyle. One of the prominent changes during the Concorso Italiano 2024 (39th edition) will be the upliftment of a car parade. The focus will be on honouring and celebrating the Italian lifestyle, from automotive design to art, fashion, technology, and Italian cuisine.

One of the highlights of Concorso Italiano 2024 has to be the US launch of Pininfarina Classiche – a program aimed at certifying classic cars. Those who register for Concorso Italiano 2024 with their vehicle designed and produced by Pininfarina and apply for a production specifications statement, the Italian coachbuilder will offer access to its new certification program. Pininfarina will also launch an additional service for collectors at the event.

Of course, an awards ceremony is also part of the event. The entrants will contest for the Best of Show Award, consisting of artwork designed by Walter De Silva. Besides that, several other Concourse classes will be celebrated, including one being crowned with the Valentino Balboni Award. The former Lamborghini test driver, who has had a go in almost every road, race or concept car to roll off Lambo’s factory floor between 1968 and 2008, will lead the class judges in evaluating the entrant Lamborghini cars.

Visitors will also witness the prowess of a Turin-based design firm – Granstudio. The company will showcase some of its ideas and concepts to Concorso Italiano 2024. Additionally, entrants and participants can attend an event dubbed Mobility & Tech on August 14, 2024. That’s a breakfast meet-up to connect and discuss motors and innovation. Then, on August 16, the opera choir I Cantori di Carmel will perform at the first outdoor opera concert.

The Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course will host the Concorso Italiano 2024 on August 17. There are three curated packages for those who want to attend the event – CI Experience, CI VIP and CI Chairman’s Club. The last one is limited to just 100 guests, who will get access to exclusive areas and enjoy premium amenities.

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