Audi debuts Ken Block’s S1 e-tron quattro Hoonitron EV drift car in the Middle East

The Audi S1 e-tron quattro Hoonitron, a one-of-a-kind race car, is currently being hosted at the Future of the Museum in Dubai. The Hoonitron EV drift car was a collaborative effort between Audi and late legendary drifting sensation Ken Block and this display marks the debut for the EV drift car in the Middle East. The S1 e-tron quattro debuted in Block’s Elektrikhana film, where it drifted through the streets of Las Vegas. All four wheels have an electric motor each to put out 670hp. The Audi Hoonitron is one of several exciting Audi show cars to be displayed for visitors courtesy of the ongoing collaboration between Audi Middle East and the museum. This EV drift car will be stationed at the Museum of the Future for visitors to view until April 2023. 

The New Thar Is Now 1,00,000 Strong

Mahindra has announced that the current-gen Thar has reached the 1,00,000 production mark. The production milestone was achieved in less than 2.5 years since the SUV’s launch in India. Initially, the new Mahindra Thar was available as a 4×4 by default. However, its portfolio was expanded with rear-wheel-drive derivatives a few months ago. That helped bring the starting price down, opening the gates to a broader audience. Mahindra is in the final stages of testing the five-door version of the new Thar.