Ducati x Bentley: Diavel for Bentley

500 units of a special and limited edition of Ducati Diavel inspired by another rare and sought-after Bentley – The Batur.

A collaboration between an Italian Marque that specializes in making the most coveted motorcycles on the planet and a British car brand that’s known for its diverse history and is now synonymous with luxury and opulence – came together to deliver a product that exhibits the mastery of two individual brands packaged into one.


A collaboration between the Centro stile Ducati and Bentley’s design team – Taking a base Ducati Diavel and borrowing the design cues from the Bentley Batur resulted in an exclusive motorcycle that is limited to only 500 units and another 50 units that are more exclusive and special – more on that later.

Designers from both brands took inspiration from a $2 million Bentley Batur and incorporated those design elements into the bodywork of the Ducati Diavel V4 – such as the forged rims of the motorcycle closely resemble the ones on the Batur or the air intakes that imitate the dual tone front grill of the Batur.

The front mudguard, the tank and the fairing of the motorcycle have been redesigned to match the lines of the Batur’s Bonnet (at least that’s what the designers claim) and the deletion of the rear pillion seat to complete the tail section that neatly resembles the rear end of the Bentley Batur.

Use of Exclusive Materials

A lot of the body parts of the Diavel for Bentley such as the fenders, engine cover, tail section, headlight cover, radiator shrouds and side panels are made up of high-quality carbon fiber material – use of high-quality materials such as carbon fiber makes Diavel for Bentley more exclusive than the standard Diavel V4.

That’s not it – other carefully used materials show the craftsmanship and attention to detail across the motorcycle making the bike stand out more over the standard Diavel – for example, the crafty use of Alcantara and the fabric on the seats that have the Bentley logo embryoid in – surprise, surprise it resembles the interior of the Batur.

The 500 limited editions of the Diavel for Bentley –come with an attractive paint scheme ‘The Scarab Green’ colour borrowed from the colour palette of the Bentley Batur and it is used throughout the bodywork. The bike gets a special plaque confirming the exclusivity of the bike and its rarity.

Diavel for Bentley Mulliner

Wait if you think 500 units of heavily modified Ducati Diavel is impressive – well, you haven’t heard it all, Bentley and Ducati also announced another 50 units of the Ducati Diavel – The Diavel for Bentley Mulliner an exclusive run of limited models reserved only for the customers of Mulliner (coach building division for Bentley)

What’s more special?

Apart from sharing the design cues with the Bentley Batur – Bentley allows the Customers to work with designers at Ducati and its in-house coach-building department – ‘Mulliner’, allowing them to configure their own ‘Ducati Diavel for Mulliner’, by giving them the choice to decide the colour from the exclusive colour palette curated by the designer at Mulliner.

Ducati Diavel V4 – The base.

A very capable super cruiser – when first introduced to the world in 2011 was touted by Ducati’s CEO Claudio Dominicali that Diavel heavily emphasises design over engineering – which was a slight deviation from what Ducati was known for – thoroughbred performance motorcycle, where design often takes the backseat.

This does not mean it is not at all athletic or disappoints in the performance department, quite the contrary – the latest iteration of the Ducati Diavel is equipped with a 1,158 cc, 4-cylinder powerhouse generating about 170 hp and 120 Nm of torque – Ducati calls it the V4 Gran Turismo.

Bentley Batur: The Inspiration

Bentley Batur is a limited-run, 2-seat Grand tourer built by the Mulliner- the coachbuilding division of Bentley, showcasing the design language of the future for Bentley cars in the years to come. ah yes, it is also limited to only 18 units in the world. Bentley Batur is the most powerful and expensive production Bentley to ever exist.

Underneath its Bonnette lies a 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 Motor producing 740 hp – sadly, something this beautiful also stands as a scarring reminder that it is the last of Bentley cars that has a W12 engine as its heart.

Not the first time Ducati collaborated with outsiders (car brands)

For those who are surprised at this collaboration between a motorcycle manufacturer and an automobile manufacturer that specializes in luxury, let me tell you this isn’t the first time Ducati has done so.

A decade ago, when the Diavel was fresh off the shelf Ducati collaborated with AMG, Honoring AMG’s sponsorship for its Moto GP efforts, and Ducati has collaborated with another manufacturer as early as 2021 – this time with another Italian Marque that specializes in performance –Lamborghini this time using the Sian as its inspiration. Considering how these brands (except AMG) all come under the same company ‘VW Group’ it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some in-house collaboration takes place for both technical and PR gains.

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