Mate Rimac takes delivery of his own Rimac Nevera hypercar

He opts for a full carbon body tinted in red instead of dual-tone liveries

In a span of 15 years, Mate Rimac went from having a dream of building his hypercar to now becoming a customer of his company and taking delivery of his own Rimac Nevera hypercar. “It’s kind of a crazy experience to be a customer of your own company, and I probably wasn’t the easiest customer either. Just like with all our customers – there was a process of co-creation; sharing ideas, evolving them and then finally perfecting them until you have a Nevera that stands alone and speaks to you personally. The result not only looks great but it tells an important story for me” commented the founder and boss of Croatian hypercar maker Rimac Automobili.

The in-house Color and Trim team proposed several bespoke liveries and dual-tone finishes. However, Mate Rimac stayed true to his initial vision: a full carbon body tinted in red as he wanted to showcase the car’s natural materials in all their beauty. 

The Level 3 Carbon finish is a completely bespoke creation with intricacies taken to new levels. To create an unbroken flow of carbon fibre across the body, the fibres must flow in a very specific direction across the body panels, matching the geometry of the car. Even the panels must be produced and cut in a very specific way to achieve this finish.

As Mate Rimac intended to keep the exterior clean to show off its natural beauty, exterior customisations were kept to the minimum including hand-painted Croatian flags on the side mirrors and a custom-designed lightning motif hidden under the rear spoiler in homage to the Mediterranean storms off the coast of Croatia that gave Nevera its name.

The interior gets a lot more Mate Rimac touches with an asymmetric trim for the upholstery – predominantly black on one side and red on the other. The founder opted for several personalised motifs to be etched on different aspects of the cabin such as embroidered motifs of Solinjanka – literally, the girl from Solin, on the dashboard and custom K8 and M8 stitching on the headrests. 

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