Bentley joins the Web 3.0 bandwagon with 208 Polygon-based NFTs

208 NFTs, probably just as expensive as a Bentayga

‘Sustainable’ is probably my least favourite word in English. I hate it because it’s meaningless. It has been used and abused for so long, in so many different contexts, that it really doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Let’s talk about cars, for example. I have nothing against electric cars, I’ve driven many different models and liked most of them, but there’s nothing ‘sustainable’ about mining the cobalt and lithium that we need to manufacture the batteries that power them.

Electricity has to be sourced. There’s nothing sustainable about that. As Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, once pointed out: “[building eco-friendly cars] goes well beyond what comes out of the tailpipe.”

Still, whether we like it or not, legacy car brands continue to use the word ‘sustainable’, usually for marketing purposes, and that’s what Bentley has just done for their new NFT.

According to the press release, Bentley “opts for carbon-neutral Polygon Network due to sustainability focus”.

Whenever I happen upon these press releases, which I do every five seconds, I always get the feeling they were written by people who aren’t 100% sure what an NFT is. Maybe it’s just because I tend to run in the opposite direction whenever I read words like ‘ecosystem’.

Be that as it may, Polygon is unsurprisingly thrilled with this new opportunity. Ryan Wyatt, CEO at Polygon Studios, said: “Polygon is excited to expand our partnerships in the automobile industry. By embracing this novel tech, Bentley secures its position in the next iteration of the internet, [] doing so via Polygon’s carbon-neutral network.”

Limited to 208 units, the NFT will be unveiled in September 2022.

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Yash Agarwal
6 days ago

Similar to the PR-writing people, was clueless on NFTs. The associated video helped out a lot. Now, over to Bentley to explain what’s this all about, again

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