Continental and Dubai Police use AI to better road safety

A research saw logistic drivers fare better than rest at safe driving practices

Autonomous cars are in the works, but a full-blown Level 5 autonomous vehicle is still a distant dream. Until the machines take over our mobility requirements, humans still need to pilot vehicles. Dubai Police and tire manufacturer Continental believe humans as drivers can improve overall road safety.

Hence, the two entities organised a roundtable discussion on “AI Driving Technology” with partner AV Living Lab and Location Solutions. The debate was hosted at the AI Driving Hub, General Department of Traffic office, bringing together executives from various sectors such as transportation, logistics and mobility services. The attendees spoke about utilising Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse to tackle road safety issues via a personalised data-driven approach.

An assessment was conducted by AV Living Lab of professional drivers, such as– truck drivers, light vehicle and van delivery drivers, and taxi drivers across the UAE. The AI Driver Hub was used to evaluate drivers’ behaviour and subsequently analyse ways to increase road safety. General trends among drivers were measured by determining the psychophysiological driver traits to correct unsafe driving patterns.

The outcome stated logistics company drivers score well in aggression (18% against the average of 24%) and road rule compliance (90% against 65% average). The drivers from public transportation companies fared better in attentiveness on the road (67% compared to 64%), aggression while driving (21% against 24%) and road rule compliance (72% against an average 65%). One characteristic that remains similar across all mobility industries but needs improvement is the reaction time of drivers.

“Continental’s top priority is safety, and it is of great importance for us to ensure that we continue to support dynamic solutions that further our Vision Zero goal of eradicating road accidents globally. We are delighted with our partnership with AV Living Lab and Local Solutions, and their unique use of AI and the AI Driving Hub, may help keep drivers safe. By maintaining our close working relationship, we look forward to decreasing the number of accidents and fatalities on UAE roads through innovative use of data,” said Karel Kucera, Managing Director, Continental Middle East.

Furthermore, Continental and AI Driving Hub have announced an initiative to deploy A.I.-powered technology in driver training. 3D modules can be used to simulate and analyse road accidents so necessary safety measures can be taken, and the overall driving culture can be improved.

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