To all parents of young children, Alfa Romeo has thought of you with the Tonale Edizione Bambini!

Externally, this unique model does not differ from the standard Tonales, but it does come with a whole range of equipment for the toddlers

Life with young children is certainly not easy, with its hectic pace and busy schedule. Alfa Romeo understands this and presents a Tonale that has been adapted accordingly to allow parents to take a break… a little. The interior is equipped with a whole host of accessories to make family life easier. Let’s start with the back of the front seats, which feature a trio of holders for water bottles, boxes and pens.

Well protected seat backs

If you look down, you’ll notice grey leather pockets embossed with the brand’s logo. Specially designed to hold large sheets of paper, these pockets are also generously padded to resist the repeated assaults of the soles of the little ones. According to Alfa Romeo, toddlers hit the back of the front seats an average of 3.5 times per journey. So you might as well be prepared!

To pass the time, books or tablets?

Less surprisingly, as it is very much in tune with our times, the seats also have digital tablets to help pass the time efficiently. And if you’re more old school – or sensible? – Alfa Romeo also provides a large box containing a multitude of objects ranging from baby books to inflatable balls. To keep an eye on them, the biscione also has a ready-made answer.

Connected via a smartphone, the camera on the backrest of the rear seat will keep an active eye on your little ones. However, some – and I’m sure many – will prefer to look their children straight in the eye rather than use an electronic device. It may not be more effective, but it’s definitely more natural. And at the rear, a sliding changing table replaces the luggage cover.

A luxury changing table

Covered in washable grey leather with white stitching, it is also easy to clean and comfortable. So it’s a given, baby will lead a life of royalty! The last piece of good news is that the boot volume is not affected and remains at 500 litres. Unsurprisingly, the Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini will not be marketed, but some of its ideas could inspire the brand’s accessories catalogue.

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