Volvo UK to become SUV-only

The S60, V60 and V90 will join the S90, as well as the Cross-Country estate models in retirement.

Volvo UK discontinued their flagship saloon, the S90, as well as the V60 Cross-Country and the V90 Cross-Country models in June, and now the remaining estates and saloon are also set to be removed from the line-up. The Swedish firm are ‘consolidating’ their range in preparation for becoming EV-only in 2030 and the SUVs outsold the estates and the saloons by a margin of nearly 70% in the first six months of this year.

Of the three discontinued models, 18,000 S60s were sold in the first half of this year, with the V60 close behind at 16,000 sales. The more expensive V90 sold only 7100 cars, with the mid-size XC60 SUV selling nearly fifteen times as many. 

This bold move from Volvo could, as has been the case in the past, launch a chain-reaction across the motor industry. Brands such as Nissan and Kia already rely strongly on the sales of their SUVs (in various sizes), but, on the other hand, the family hatch is on the rise, with companies such as Vauxhall in particular pushing the hatchback message.

Does this latest development mean there are more SUVs, electric or petrol/diesel, to come from Volvo?

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