First Porsche 911 Hybrid To Debut Later This Month

A Porsche with a hybrid powertrain isn’t something new. We’ve had e-hybrid versions of the Panamera and the Cayenne. And who can forget the 918! But Porsche has never done a road-legal 911 hybrid. Well, that’s about to change. Come May 28, 2024, the Stuttgart-based carmaker will take the wraps off the first Porsche 911 hybrid. The “e-hybrid” tag will likely be used in the nameplate.

The Germans confirm an exhaustive development and testing programme for the said model has ended. It was put through extreme climatic conditions, from the freezing cold to scorching heat, and the final stages were conducted in Dubai. The engineers clocked up over 5 million kilometres during the different development phases.

So, before D-day, do we have a number or two to get excited about? The first figure is 7:16.934. That’s what the Porsche 911 hybrid recorded as the lap time at the Nürburgring Nordschleife during its testing phase. The test prototype had standard road tyres and an aero kit with a fixed rear wing. The second number is 8.7 seconds. That’s how much faster it is than the corresponding version of the predecessor model.

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