Pitstop Autocare, One-Stop Shop for Premium Automotive Service and Detailing Launched in Sharjah

Besides offering car services like polishing and window tinting, the centre also has a diner-style restaurant

Eat, drink and be merry while you get your car or SUV serviced at the Pitstop Autocare, a cutting-edge one-stop shop for premium automotive service and detailing in Sharjah, UAE.

As a subsidiary of Albatha Automotive Group, the holding company of AGMC, Pitstop Autocare takes advantage of industry expertise and promises to offer motorists in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates great service. Pitstop Autocare offers a comprehensive range of services, including maintenance, polishing, detailing, application of paint protection film and ceramic coating, window tinting, customisation, and more.

Another unique feature of Pitstop Autocare apart is the integration of a diner-style restaurant with chequered flooring, bar-style seating and booths with panel upholstery, where customers can relax indulge in food and drink while their cars are being serviced.

Mirsad Nezirevic, General Manager of Pitstop Autocare, said:

“Albatha Automotive Group is thrilled to introduce Pitstop to the discerning automotive community in Sharjah. We recognise the increasing demand for premium automotive services that prioritise quality, reliability, and convenience, with an experience that is like none other in the UAE. With Pitstop, we aim to answer this demand by offering a comprehensive suite of services in a unique setting, backed by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.” And he goes on to say, “With Pitstop, we aim to provide top-notch automotive services while also creating a unique space where customers can indulge in delicious food while their vehicles receive expert care. We wanted to offer more than just a place to get your car serviced. Pitstop is designed to be a destination where customers can relax and connect with fellow automotive enthusiasts in a welcoming atmosphere.”

To commemorate its grand opening, Pitstop Autocare is offering exclusive promotions and 25% discounts to its first customers. From discounted service packages to complimentary add-ons, Pitstop welcomes automotive enthusiasts to experience its premium services firsthand.

For more information about Pitstop Autocare, its services, prices and location, contact 800 7727.

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