Volkswagen confirms the return of the GTI badge on its electrified sports cars

Although it was thought to be doomed, the GTI logo will be incorporated into Volkswagen's electrified sports cars thanks to a clever trick

Volkswagen’s sporty electric models are currently designated by the GTX acronym. But this little-known emblem is confusing for the general public, who have long been used to the GTI badge. For this reason, the German brand is preparing to reintroduce the mythical GTI logo on its electrified sports cars, albeit with a few modifications to respect a certain logic…

The clever metamorphosis of the “I”

Volkswagen has applied to the German Patent and Trade Mark Office for a GTI logo unlike any other. While the letters GT are nothing new, the ‘I’ has been transformed into a lightning bolt suggesting the electric era. And while we know that the letter will no longer stand for the word ‘injection’, we still don’t know on which models the badge will appear. Will it be worn by electric vehicles, or will it remain dedicated exclusively to hybrids?

As far as sporty plug-in hybrids are concerned, the German brand already has the GTE logo on the Golf and Passat. As for the more muscular electric models, the ID.4 and ID.5 have been given the GTX label. The ID.Buzz will soon follow suit. If it were to be applied to all electrified sports models, the ‘new formula’ GTI badge would inevitably push the GTE and GTX emblems towards the exit. The future ID.2 scheduled for 2025 could then be the first electric Volkswagen to receive the GTI badge.

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