The new Voltron Nevera is a record-breaking roller-coaster powered by Rimac

It achieves acceleration speeds of up to 90kph

Not many are as fortunate as Shivaum Punjabi of The Cornea Impression to get a first-hand driving experience of the world’s fastest production car – the 1914hp Rimac Nevera. You can find the full drive review of the Rimac Nevera below. As for the rest of our population, the closest electrifying Rimac experience on offer can be found within the largest amusement park in Germany, Europa Park with a new record-breaking roller coaster called the Voltron Nevera Powered by Rimac.

Similar to the Nevera hypercar, Rimac’s latest collaborative roller-coaster launch breaks the record for the steepest launch angle of any coaster, at 105 degrees. Rimac’s technology further provides short-burst, powerful slingshots achieving acceleration of up to 90 kph, three aimed forwards and one aimed backwards. 

The record-breaking roller coaster, spanning 1,385 metres, is spread over a Croatian landscape complete with natural elements such as limestone and an 800-year-old olive tree. This multi-launch new ride is now open to Europa-Park visitors.

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