The McLaren P1 damaged by Hurricane Ian is now for sale 

It has an estimated value of $229,510 – making it the cheapest McLaren P1 in the world 

Do you remember that yellow McLaren P1 that was severely damaged in a flood as a result of Hurricane Ian? Well, it’s now up for sale at a Copart auction and it’s pretty ‘cheap’… for a hypercar anyway.

This 2015 McLaren hypercar cost $1.3 million when it came out in 2015. But after its recent incident, it now has an estimated worth of ‘just’ $229,510 – making it not just the cheapest P1 in the USA, but the cheapest McLaren P1 in the entire world. 

Sure, it needs some work but if you’re someone who likes fixing cars, this may be for you… we’re looking at you, Tavarish.

So, what’s wrong with the car?

According to the Copart listing, this bright yellow P1 suffered most of its damage from the flood it was involved in, but it also has some secondary mechanical damage which includes a broken windshield, damaged front splitter and door mirror. Not things that are particularly expensive to fix on an average car, but this is far from being your run-of-the-mill Corolla.

Despite sitting in a closed garage, the building wasn’t able to contain the car once the water got in and therefore the P1 found itself floating down the streets of Florida… not ideal. 

There is currently no auction date for this sale, and with such a low estimated sell price, we are interested to see what happens to this fine vehicle. After all, McLaren made just 375 examples of the V8 hybrid, 903hp P1 so someone is sure to snap this one up.

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