Subaru: the STI saga will continue on electric models with the STe badge

As was the case with the combustion models, the STe vehicles will be entitled to technical and aesthetic improvements

It was the story of three little letters that thrilled generations of rally fans. The mythical STI logo that designates Subaru’s most radical sports cars will soon be replaced by the STe designation on future electric models. This surprise arrival marks the sudden end of the STI badge, which in any case only existed on the dying WRX.

The information is not yet official, but the recent filing of the STe name with the German Patent and Trademark Office leaves no room for doubt: Subaru will devote an important place in its range to future electric vehicles. The plug-in hybrids, which will cohabit for a long time to come with the electrics, should not be entitled to the STe label.

A factory built specifically for electric models

To shape this new range, the Japanese brand will give itself the means to achieve its ambitions by building a factory dedicated exclusively to electric vehicles. This organisation will allow the manufacturing process to be optimized and production to be accelerated. As was the case with the STI-badged vehicles, the STe models should receive significant improvements, both technically and aesthetically.

Future Subaru STe models will be equipped with larger batteries and naturally more powerful electric motors. Since sportiness is not only about acceleration, the chassis and suspension settings will also be readjusted to offer customers a sharper ride while limiting the feeling of heaviness induced by the batteries.

The Solterra STe before the sedan?

At Subaru, electric vehicle enthusiasts don’t have much to look forward to at the moment. Based on the curious Toyota bZ4X, the Solterra is indeed – very – far from the archetype of the Subaru setting record times on rally stages. Releasing a model derived from the bZ3 sedan would be more relevant since it would be more in line with the legendary Impreza.

An electric sports label coming soon to Toyota and Lexus

Toyota and Lexus will most likely seize the opportunity to offer their electric sports cars at a lower cost. The Gazoo Racing and F divisions should therefore soon have electric models, with aesthetic specificities that are sufficiently marked to distinguish them from each other. The technology, on the other hand, should be widely shared in order to avoid heavy investment in development. The first Subarus with the STe logo should arrive in dealerships within two to three years.

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