Skoda Enyaq iV review (2022) – Family flair

Are space, range and comfort enough to make the Enyaq iV an accomplished family car?

Model Y here, Model Y there… Since its recent price cut, Tesla’s SUV has been beating sales records in Europe, easily rivaling the Dacia Sandero. It’s true that the American is putting forward some very solid arguments, with strong performance, comfortable range and a comprehensive equipment list for an extremely competitive price. Those who are not seduced by the Model Y for one reason or another can turn to the competition, which is fortunately plentiful. Let’s take a look at the Skoda Enyaq iV, which has come to challenge the Californian on the Old Continent.

Understated to the point of boredom?

To design its first electric SUV, Skoda didn’t go as far as Volkswagen. In fact, the brand has gone nowhere at all, since its styling is entirely inspired by the combustion-powered Skoda, combining class with measured sobriety. The Enyaq iV’s design is certainly predictable. Flanked by ribs, the Czech car presents an aggressive face, especially in the sporty Sportline trim. But there’s no question of flirting with boredom! The beautiful 21-inch wheels enhance the standing of our test model, as does the extravagant backlit grille, which looks fantastic at night. In the end, we feel that the Enyaq iV is more refined than its sibling, the Volkswagen ID.4, even though the latter is supposed to be a cut above the Czech.

The same is true on board, where the Skoda boasts a modern dashboard crafted from well-chosen materials. With its particularly uncluttered appearance, nothing untoward stands out and the feeling of space is obvious. But in its quest for simplicity, the Enyaq iV has in places gone a little too far. Once again, the ventilation controls are found only on the touchscreen. Fortunately, there’s no need to call up a sub-menu to set the temperature, as everything is permanently displayed at the bottom of the screen. To control the blower speed, however, you have to switch to another page, which is not very convenient. The physical shortcuts placed under the ventilators are one saving grace.

Like any self-respecting Skoda, the Enyaq iV is a great host. Already generous at the front, the space on offer is even more so at the rear, where passengers will feel like they’re in a limousine. What’s more, the seats are comfortable, providing perfect support for the thighs of even the tallest passengers. Finally, luggage is also treated like royalty, with a boot capacity of 585 litres, placing the Czech among the best electric cars. It’s just a shame that there’s no boot under the front bonnet, as the SUV would clearly have been close to perfection!

A good marathon runner

The version 60 of the Enyaq iV that we tested a few months ago clearly didn’t convince us on the motorway. Its range was far too short and its charging power just as limited. With its 77 kWh battery and 135 kW rapid charge, the 80 changes all that. The 180 mi range is perfectly conceivable on the motorway, and stops will be rarer and, above all, shorter! During our test drive, the energy consumption stabilised at an average 3.2 mi/kWh, giving a range of 249 mi on a full charge. The Enyaq iV is clearly frugal, far more so than many of its competitors.

However, don’t be fooled by its Sportline outfit, which cleverly suggests sportiness. There’s absolutely nothing sporty about the Czech and it quickly reveals its limitations when driving fast. Its suspension struggles to contain body roll, while brake pedal feel is particularly unpleasant. The Enyaq iV makes up for these shortcomings with a high level of comfort: the damping is good and the soundproofing is quite simply excellent on the motorway. The same cannot be said of the acceleration, which left us wanting more once the 70 mph mark had been passed. However, there’s nothing to say at low speeds, where the 204 hp are always there.

The good kid

The Skoda Enyaq iV is unquestionably a successful electric SUV. In its 80 version, it has all the qualities you’d expect from a vehicle worthy of the name. However, its rather high price may also put off a large proportion of families. Priced from €60,710, the Enyaq iV 80 is clearly not cheap. The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Performance starts at €53,650 but is considerably less well equipped. With its original looks, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 Creative at €54,100 is already a much more serious threat. And let’s not even mention the Tesla Model Y Long Range, which offers more equipment and much higher performance for €52,990. The Enyaq iV will certainly have its work cut out to stay above ground! It will soon be adding a Laurin&Klement version to its range, with an even more polished appearance and increased range.

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