‘Pre-Series’ Taycan Proves Improved Mileage In California

The refreshed model will be unveiled “in a few days”.

Four specimens of ‘pre-series’ Porsche Taycan, all equipped with the larger Performance Battery Plus, were with twelve auto-journos for three days. The electric four-door saloons were driven for three days on Interstate Highway 405 and 5, a stretch that links two South Californian metros – Los Angeles and San Diego. Also, they were driven at speeds of up to 120kmph.

The stint uncovered an impressive peak mileage. According to Porsche, the new Taycan can cover up to 587km on a single battery charge on public roads. That points towards a noticeable improvement in the range department. Another area of advancement popped up when the cars were plugged in before setting off. Their batteries were replenished at the Electrify America Charger in Torrance, Los Angeles. For many minutes, the new Taycan could charge at over 300kW. That allowed the wait time to be under 20 minutes for the charge level to jump from 10 to 80 per cent. Also, the time they took to start charging has reduced.

Last month, the ‘pre-series’ Taycan’s performance was put into perspective. A variant, in all likelihood the most potent one, put up quite a show at the Nurburgring. The recorded numbers proved it is not only significantly quicker around the circuit than a Tesla Model S Plaid but also less than three seconds slower than the quickest production EV of all time.

Fascinating stuff. And we won’t have to wait too long to get all the juicy details. Porsche says the “extensively revised Taycan will be presented in a few days”.

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