Pagani Has Built Just Five Of These

And even with a base price of EUR 7 Million, all have already found takers.

Brands usually make one-offs or a few-offs to flaunt their engineering and creativity prowess. However, some players primarily focus on building something special to honour artisans from the pages of history. A blend of both? That’s a rare occurrence. And that’s precisely why the Pagani Huayra Codalunga (Italian for longtail) deserves your attention. The car boasts modern design and development techniques and immense power while paying homage to Italian coachbuilders and racecars of the ‘60s.

It was created by Pagani Grandi Complicazioni – the brand’s in-house division for special projects. Skunkworks’ primary focus is to develop vehicles that push the envelope and fulfil specific needs. A translation from Italian to English reveals that “Grandi Complicazioni” means “Grand Complications”. An apt name, then!

Two clients and the designer jointly conceived the Huayra Codalunga. The talks began in 2018 to produce a longtail version of the Huayra Coupe, and the first two years went into finalising the concept styling. So, only five examples have been built, all already accounted for. And each one has a starting price of EUR 7 Million.

In case you’re wondering, the Pagani Huayra Codalunga is road-legal, no matter where you reside on earth. And before it came off the production line, two pretend models were built – one at 1:4 scale and the other a full size. Those two creations helped Pagani carve out final refinements before starting production.

Time for some numbers. The Pagani Huayra Codalunga has the same twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 that powers the donor product but belts out 829bhp/1,100Nm. That’s 100bhp and 100Nm more than the Huayra Coupe. It hides under a cover that’s 3.7 sq.m. in area and 36cm longer than that on the Coupe. A slick 7-speed transmission routes the oomph to the 21-inch rear wheels. At the front, however, the long-tailed hypercar has 20-inch wheels.

More power, less weight (1,280kg vs 1,350kg of the Coupe) and better aerodynamics ensure even more ballistic performance. The Codalunga’s exhaust system, which weighs just 4.4kg, looks like the sole resident at the car’s rear. And its ceramic coating honours some of the legendary racecars that competed in Le Mans.

Clients wanted to use neutral colours for the car’s paint, semi-matt or fully matt. The simplicity is carried over indoors, with seats draped in woven leather/nubuck upholstery while aluminium components are machined from a single block.

All this makes one wonder – designing a bespoke car is much more than just an enormous engine, face-peeling performance and loutish looks. I think the Pagani Huayra Codalunga just reinstates that mantra. But here’s a question for you – what does this Pagani reminds you of? Honest answers only.

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Shivaum Punjabi
11 days ago

I want to see the new one now…

Yash Agarwal
9 days ago

You could spend a day with the car if one got down to observing the details on it

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