More than half of the Ferrari range will be electrified by 2026

By this date, 60% of the prancing horse cars will be hybrid or fully electric

After long hours of feverish debate, the European Parliament has finally voted. It will be a no. No to the sale of new combustion engine cars from 2035. Not everyone will be affected by this abrupt decision, however. With a limited production volume, Ferrari, for example, will be an exception to the rule. Despite this privileged status, the Italian brand intends to embark on an all-out electrification and even plans to have 60% of the range electrified by 2026. Ambitious!

To give itself the means to achieve its ambitions, the prancing horse is counting on the release of 15 new models between 2023 and 2026. In detail, the firm estimates that hypercars will account for 5% of the total sales volume while 10% will be devoted to models produced in limited series. In addition, the Purosangue SUV, which will be presented at the end of the year, will take up 20% of Ferrari’s order book.

During this period, the brand will reinforce its commitment to hybrid and electric vehicles. But don’t think that this small revolution will upset the habits of the company. All engines and batteries will still be produced in Maranello. Time passes but traditions remain. Ferrari will not subcontract the assembly of its batteries abroad, which is reassuring for its customers.

Then comes the hardest part for the Cavallino Rampante afficionados: the first fully electric Ferrari will arrive in 2025. Yes, in just three years, we will be able to see a Ferrari that doesn’t make any noise and doesn’t burn a drop of petrol on our streets. And this strategy will gain momentum in 2030, when 80% of the Ferrari portfolio will be electrified. It remains to be seen whether the sales figures will follow this inevitable trend…

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12 days ago

I don’t get it. Why an exception to Ferrari? There are several other brands in Europe that produce cars in limited numbers. Pagani and Koenigsegg are two such examples.

Shivaum Punjabi
11 days ago

After driving the 296 GTB I am sure Ferrari can make an EV sportscar.

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