Lambo Gives Some Delicious Dope On Its Next Big Thing

The Aventador’s replacement will pack over 1,000hp.

Enthusiasts worldwide are eager to learn about Lamborghini’s next big thing, i.e. the replacement of the Aventador. Until now, we’ve heard vague claims about the supercar’s powertrain. That, however, no longer holds because the folks from Sant’Agata Bolognese have released details about the upcoming bull. And yes, we have the power figures as well.

Lamborghini calls the Aventador’s successor an HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle) under the codename LB744. In simple words, it’ll be a hybrid super sportscar. Like the Sián, then? Not exactly. Where the limited-run 2019 model used a supercapacitor to store electrical energy, the LB744 will use a 3.8kWh lithium-ion battery for that. That can be replenished via multiple means. For example, one could use a 7kW AC charger, and the wait time from zero to 100 per cent charge would be around 30 minutes. Other ways to keep the charge flowing into the battery are by using the car’s regenerative braking system or letting the internal combustion engine take six minutes to do that.

Moving to the main highlight – the powerplant. The LB744 will use a new 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 (17kg lighter than the Aventador’s unit) with three electric motors and an all-Lambo developed dual-clutch 8-speed automatic transmission. Lamborghini claims this new gearbox is even slicker than the dual-clutch 7-Speed affair in the Huracan range.

On its own, the V12 produces 825hp at 9,250rpm and a peak torque of 725Nm at 6,750rpm. The petrol-powered heart feeds the rear wheels, while two electric motors propel the front ones (one for each wheel). What about the third electric motor? That’s positioned about the gearbox and can power the rear wheels, depending on the drive mode selected and pertaining conditions.

The motors powering the front wheels offer 150hp/350Nm each. They also have a torque vectoring function, which boosts driving dynamics and helps recuperate energy from braking. In electric mode, the LB744 becomes a front-wheel-drive vehicle, with the rear electric motor only coming alive when needed. The overall system output? Lamborghini says that the figure is 1,015hp.

More will be revealed about the LB744, including what Lambo will call it in production form. The car will debut this year.

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