Jeep India launches a ChatGPT-based AI Chatbot 

No More navigating through multiple pages of brochures and manuals of your Jeep SUV – Let AI do its magic.

Jeep India has launched “Jeep Expert” an AI-powered chatbot based on the ChatGPT which the company claims will make reading through pages of the manual to find a specific section or topic related to any Jeep product will be made easier and instant.

It is integrated into the ‘Jeep Life’ mobile app which any existing Jeep customer can get access to and can get anything Jeep brand-specific at their fingertips – considering this as your very own 24×7 Jeep Brand connoisseur.

Jeep Expert is based on the ChatGPT 3.5 AI – which can answer any Jeep-related questions on the go – such as maintenance, and brand news and since AI chatbot models work when it is provided with substantial data training of the brand it could easily identify known issues if the user provides the right details about the symptoms and can give the right advice on next plan of action to take for that specific problem.

Jeep India has a somewhat Effy reputation when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction – and most of that is due to the lack of proper execution and training of their staff – more specifically their service staff – if these features work as Jeep claims it to be it could do wonders for the Jeep brand and customers could get the immediacy and convenience they’ve been asking.

Although Jeep claims to be the first OEM in India to launch such a feature – it’s not the first brand by any means to adopt automation and the growing trend of AI and technology that is associated with it – Brands like Mercedes, BMW, MG and many more use some form automation technology in their car systems – such as Speech recognition and features such as ADAS and other safety features all work on AI and machine learning.

But, what Jeep has done is integrate AI technology at their service side of the business which could be used by the customers even when they are not in their cars – using AI technology to improve the aftersales experience is what customers need – if AI can make the connection between the customer and the brand more efficient and hassle-free it could do wonders for the brand and its overall quality of service – which could potentially create long-term customers for the brand.

What automobile manufacturers could do with AI and machine learning to improve the overall experience of owning an automobile is limitless – but all that depends on how effectively they adopt this technology – how much of this would be used as a gimmick to sell more products or to make end user’s ownership of their product a pleasant experience, is to be seen.

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