Genesis Reports An Impressive Feat

It was in November 2015 when the Genesis brand entered the automotive world. That means the South Korean brand will celebrate its eighth anniversary later this year. But before celebrations begin for that achievement, the carmaker has something else to be proud of.

What is it? Well, some math must be done to get to it. By the end of August 2023, Genesis had sold 690,177 units in Korea and 318,627 cars in other markets. Summing those figures up reveals a cumulative lifetime sales of 1,008,804. Yes, selling over one million vehicles in less than eight years is an impressive feat.

With a sales counter at 390,738, the G80 is by far the bestseller for Genesis globally. The brand’s first SUV, the GV80, and the first mid-size SUV, the GV70, stand tall with sales figures of 173,882 and 160,965, respectively. And in 2020, Genesis sold over 100,000 cars (132,450, to be precise) in a calendar year for the first time. The following two years have raised the bar higher, with 2021 closing at 201,415 sales and 2022 at 215,128. In 2023, the automaker has already 154,035 vehicles.

Congrats, Genesis!

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