Bugatti aims for hyper luxury brand identity with new logo

The new logo takes design inspiration from the past and merges it with modern trends

Recently, British luxury marquee brand Aston Martin unveiled its new minimalist logo, marking its foray into the new electrification era. French hypercar developer Bugatti has followed suit but to redefine its corporate identity as a ‘hyper-luxury’ brand. Only if anything Bugatti wasn’t already draped in luxury.

The new logo is bolder and retains the founder, Ettore Bugatti’s initials. With this new logo, the French carmaker will also see a change in direction, entailing top speed and performance take a backseat and luxury being pushed forward in the coming products.

The brand further announced that it ” is evolving beyond being an exclusive hyper sports car manufacturer to become a wider-reaching luxury brand.” Moreover, the founder’s motto of “If comparable, it is no longer Bugatti” is the key inspiration behind Bugatti’s new identity-accompanying tagline, “Create the Incomparable”.

The new logo is said to honour its past historic elements while being shaped to fit modern trends. Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director for Sales and Marketing at Bugatti Automobiles, said: “We did not just create a new look and feel. We analyzed where we came from, the historical connection we intensively referenced to when re-installing the brand and the Veyron in the 2000s. We evaluated, how did the Chiron change Bugatti’s positioning and brand appeal, how did the world change during the last 10 years. Don’t forget, at the time the Veyron came out, the iPhone did not yet exist.”

The new logo has commenced getting distributed and utilised around dealerships. The same is said to follow suit on the brand’s social media channels and products.

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