BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse X concept is the BMW X of the future

The interior gets draped in a plant-based and petroleum-free material called Verdana

BMW appears to be on a product revamping mission in the electrification era. Last year, the German luxury carmaker unveiled the Vision Neue Klasse Concept, an EV sedan with all new clear, elegant and timeless” design language that will not just fill up as the brand’s next chapter but become a whole new book for BMW. And now, BMW has showcased its first SUV derivative in this “Neue Klasse” segment of BMW cars called the Vision Neue Klasse X.

This BMW Vision Neue Klasse X concept car illustrates how BMW sees the future of its X models. And the said future isn’t far away as 2025 will see BMW put the Neue Klasse X into production at its Debrecen plant Hungary.

While one may expect the production iteration to carry the mass-market-friendly alterations from the concept car example shown above, BMW claims the Neue Klasse models will feature the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology and more sustainable cabin with a resource-efficient supply chain. The former makes use of new round lithium-ion battery cells that offer 30 percent more range along with the deployment of an 800-volt system which allows upto 300 kms of range in a ten minute charge. The latter embeds a completely plant-based, mineral-based and petroleum-free surface material called “Verdana” within the lower panels of the interior. Even for the exterior, the side skirts and front and rear apron attachments will be produced from recycled mono-materials.

While the cabin won’t entirely be devoid of touchscreens, BMW has utilised the glass surfaces such as the front windscreen to double up with intuitive functionality. Titled the BMW Panoramic Vision, key information will be projected across the full width of the windscreen while being complemented by enhanced BMW 3D Head-Up Display. A central infotainment screen continues to find its way in this next-gen electric BMW with the instrument panel now getting embedded into the dashboard belt-line.

Concept cars and innovative new technologies go hand in hand and the Vision Neue Klasse X debuts new HYPERSONX WHEEL. This technology allows occupants to enjoy their favourite sounds that get generated in real-time. 

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