This Manhart-Tuned Alpina BMW Is Worth 149,000 Euros

To date, it’s the oldest vehicle that the German tuner has taken in for an overhaul.

We all know what Manhart is famous for. The folks from Wuppertal, Germany, are among the world’s best in making a spicy car’s recipe spicier. Examples that support that claim include the BC 400, the MH3 400d, the SL 700 R and the SV 650. However, all those are projects based on modern-day speed machines. The tuner also extends such services to cars from decades ago. And the department that handles those is known as Manhart Classic Cars. The vehicle you see here is the latest addition to the portfolio – the Manhart Alpina 2002 tii.

First registered in May 1973, it is the oldest car that the tuner has worked on. It has 1,980km on the odometer and has never been in an accident. And for those who still haven’t guessed, the starting point was the Alpina-tuned BMW 2002 tii. Its engine had a single throttle system and a custom manifold from Alpina. Manhart takes things up a notch by installing a K&N airbox and a few other bits and pieces. As a result, the peak output goes up to 200hp/215Nm, a noticeable uplift from the standard car’s 130hp/178Nm. The Manhart-done car uses a throatier exhaust system to ensure everyone knows it packs more punch.

A one-tonne car with 200hp sums up to be an enticing prospect, at the very least. But what about other important aspects like brakes and suspension? The Manhart Aplina 2002 tii boasts the braking system from the 323i model from the successor series E21. Moreover, Manhart has given it a Raab coilover suspension by KW. The tuned car also rides on 16-inch wheels, with 215/40 and 225/40 profile tyres at the front and back, respectively. And those who don’t fancy the silver finish on the rims can ask Manhart for other options.

Besides the new wheels, the decorative stripes and Alpina lettering make the Manhart Alpina 2002 tii stand out visually. Indoors, the seats feature accents in the same bright green shade and blue. The front two occupants get sports seats, while the rear section is rounded off by a Clubsport roll bar.

And the demand for all this is EUR 149,000. No doubt that it is a colossal amount. But let’s not forget that this is a Manhart Classic Cars project. And the specimen here is one that was initially spruced up by Alpina. Considering those aspects, the Manhart Alpina 2002 tii is worth that much. If you still don’t agree, check out what the tuner did to an E30 M3 and a Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V.

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