This Manhart Range Rover Sport Is Desirable

It is based on the P530 First Edition, and the German tuner calls the finished product the SV 650.

There’s no denying that the current-gen Range Rover Sport is a drool-worthy prospect. And when it’s the P530 First Edition variant, which has a BMW-sourced V8, the slobbering becomes more intense. Taking that as the baseline and trying to spruce up the recipe is a high-risk job. But Manhart likes that kind of challenge and has done just that. Meet the Manhart SV 650.

The turbocharged 4.4-litre engine produces 530hp/750Nm in the Range Rover Sport P530. That’s probably enough for most users because it can hit 100kmph from nothing in 4.5 seconds. But Manhart has tweaked the powerplant with its MHtronik powerbox, which takes the output up to 653hp/900Nm. Simple math reveals an increment of 123hp/150Nm, enough to outpace the donor model. Coupled with the tuned engine is a custom exhaust system, offering a distinctive sound with the help of remote-controlled valves. However, Manhart confirms no TÜV certificate for this or the performance upgrade. Yet. Hence, this tuned job is only for markets outside Germany. The only exception is the rear silencer.

With the extra oomph on tap, some other mechanicals requires work too. Thankfully, that holds for the Manhart SV 650. Aided by coupling rods, the tuned SUV rides 30mm lower to the ground. And this doesn’t require TÜV approval. And filling the lowered Range Rover Sport’s wheel arches are the massive 24-inch forged wheels, wrapped with 295/35 profile rubber.

The rims are also garnished with Manhart’s typical gold finish. As a result, they go well with the German tuner’s exterior décor set – gold-coloured trim strips, accents and lettering over the black paintwork. And the only change indoors is the introduction of Manhart-branded floor mats. But, of course, Manhart will listen to requests for more custom stuff, such as tuned brakes and different rim colours.

The question is simple – would you opt for such a tuning job for your GBP 120,000 (approximately) Range Rover Sport?

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