The Rimac Nevera Has Set 23 Records… In One Day!

The day out was on a test track in Germany.

It isn’t a secret that over the years, Rimac Automobili has produced some of the fastest pure-electric hypercars in the world. The brand’s latest creation – the Nevera – exemplifies that fact. In fact, after a recent outing, the low-slung EV has proven to become more than just another fast car. Mind-bending-ly quick is also putting it mildly.

The Rimac Nevera was taken to a test track in Germany, specifically the Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) facility, to quantify its performance. It didn’t set one, two, three or ten records for production cars there, but twenty-three! Numerically, 23! And all those in one day. The performance figures were independently verified by Dewesoft and RaceLogic, both third-party.

The infographic below lists them out clearly, but a couple of them deserve mentioning in words. First, the Rimac Nevera accelerated from zero to 400kmph and braked back to zero, all in 29.93 seconds. Compared to the previous record-holder, that time figure is over a second shorter. Another one – it broke its official acceleration claim, completing the sprint from nothing to 97kmph in 1.74 seconds compared to the initially claimed 1.85 seconds. Rimac confirms that on the test track, the Nevera wore Michelin Cup 2 R tyres (road-legal), while the asphalt was non-prepped.

Those acceleration and braking records are astonishing. Look at the limited-run two-seater hypercar’s spec sheet (only 150 units will be made)! It has four independent electric motors, each one with its own gearbox. The total system output is 1,888hp/2,360Nm, enough for a top speed of 412kmph. The quarter-mile can be completed in 8.25 seconds.

The powertrain is backed by a 120kW battery, which, if used efficiently, can deliver a range of up to 550km (WLTP). Charging rates are crazy as well. The Nevera can take feed from a 500kW DC charger, enabling a wait time of just 22 minutes for the battery to get from zero to 80 per cent.

So, which record set by the Rimac Nevera left you the most amazed?

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