The new Lexus LM could be a mobile office with a 48-inch screen

A special infrared sensor can adjust the climate control by detecting the occupant’s body temperature

Launches galore at the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show with premium brands showcasing their latest luxury offering. Big wigs like BMW and Mercedes Benz exhibited their i7 M70 all-electric performance sedan and Mercedes-Maybach EQS 680 EV SUV, respectively, at the revered auto platform. Japanese luxury automaker Lexus decided to join the bandwagon by unveiling the all-new second-gen LM luxury minivan.

The Lexus LM, which stands for Luxury Mover, saw its 1st iteration get exhibited at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, making it fitting for the 2nd generation to follow the tradition. The new LM is longer, wider and taller than its predecessor, allowing it to boast a 3000mm wheelbase. In the true minivan sense, one can have the Lexus LM in a standard configuration of six or seven seats or upgrade to a swanky four-seater layout which equips a display screen larger than the massive spindle grille upfront.

The two-row layout will witness the fitment of a 48-inch display unit which, as per Lexus, isn’t just for entertainment but can also be used to conduct meetings. Quite evidently being targeted towards mobile-office customers, the new LM also features a retractable privacy glass panel that can be further dimmed to let the chauffeur out from overhearing onto high-profile business deals. A 23-speaker Mark Levinson sound system coupled with active noise cancellation courtesy of special wheels and tires further ensures one wouldn’t miss out on important contract clauses.

Lexus claims the rear executive-style lounge seats can further be reclined flat to allow the occupants a quick nap. Further comfort while napping is provided with a special infrared sensor that can detect the temperature of the occupant’s face, chest, thighs, and lower legs along with the window, trim and ceiling areas to calculate the ideal and optimum temperature and adjust it automatically for utmost comfort. Though for those who dislike adjustments and prefer things in a specific manner, the Lexus Climate Concierge feature allows them to save their preferences for climate control, interior lighting and seat reclining at the press of a button.

While things look ultra-relaxing for the occupants, the driver area is also not far away in luxury. Almost every cockpit surface gets covered in leather or gets a wooden trim. The driver gets to pilot the new Lexus LM via a 247hp 2.5-litre hybrid powertrain with power being sent to all four wheels. The new LM also boasts a new suspension setup and a new drive mode designed to offer the plushest ride for the rear occupants, ensuring chauffeur-owner relations remain healthy.

The target market of the Lexus LM would comprise high net-worth individuals or even celebrities that may want a comfortable ride to and fro from their sets. With the installation of the latest iteration of Lexus’ ‘spindle grille’, the new Lexus LM announces its arrival in the most imposing way for the benefit of the occupant’s high-profile stature.

Lexus is expanding the availability of the new LM by launching it in over 60 countries, including Europe and Japan, for the first time. The United States of America is not a part of this 60-nation list.

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