The Ferrari Roma Spider is Ferrari’s first soft top convertible in a long time

The Roma Spider using a multi-layer fabric that raises in 13.5secs at speeds up to 60kph

In 2019, right before the pandemic shook the world, Ferrari tried the same by launching its all-new grand touring offering, the Roma. The Roma debuted Ferrari’s latest design language and got applauded by design gurus for its new contemporary take on grand touring 2+2 coupes. A convertible was expected to follow soon, and just over two years later, the Italian marque has followed suit with something as positively shocking as the Roma coupe’s design – the Ferrari Roma Spider with a soft-top roof.

The new Ferrari Roma Spider marks the first time since 1969 for a front-engined Ferrari to feature a fabric rooftop and the first Ferrari since the famed 2005 F430 Spider to feature a soft-top roof. The soft-top has been developed using multi-layer fabric weaves and can be raised in 13.5 seconds at speeds up to 60kph.

Apart from the chopped-off roof, the Roma Spider resembles its V8-powered coupe cousin. Only the rear active spoiler was redesigned to ensure optimum roofless driving dynamics, and it now can be raised in three positions, allowing greater downforce at greater speeds. Additionally, the rear half of the chassis was reinforced to offer better stability at the cost of 84 kilos worth of additional weight than its hardtop cousin.

The cabin retains most of Roma’s leather-brimmed upholstery and elegant design layout. Though Ferrari claims a small tweak has been made to the steering wheel button layout, and the starter button on the Roma Spider glows red. Small additions by way of a 5 mm aero-inspired element at the top of the windshield and a wind deflector that pops up by rotating the backrest of the rear seats aid in keeping wind turbulence and wind noise to the minimum inside the Roma Spider’s cabin.

Mechanically, the Roma Spider remains unchanged when compared to the Roma coupe. It continues to be powered by the 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 putting out 621 Italian-bred horses and 760Nm torques. Power is to the rear wheels via an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission which Ferrari claims to have received a tweak that aids the Roma Spider’s fuel efficiency. The Roma Spider further benefits from the latest version of Ferrari’s Slide Slip Control system that allows for predictable drifts.

No word has been released yet on the Ferrari Roma Spider’s launch date or pricing but one can expect it to be around the $280,000 ball park. Upon launch, the Roma Spider may also replace and have the ageing Portofino M discontinued from Ferrari’s line-up.

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