The Electric 600e Is The Most Powerful Abarth Ever

What you see here is the first official glimpse of an Abarth – the 600e. But it is no ordinary electric hatchback. It is the most powerful Abarth ever! While undergoing its final testing, it made a public appearance in Milan earlier this week. Abarth will introduce the 600e in its Scorpionissima launch edition, which is limited to just 1,949 units.

The set of confirmed highlights includes a peak output of 240hp, a unique mechanical limited-slip differential and high-performance grippy tyres from the supplier for Formula E. Hypnotic Purple shade, low profile 20-inch rims, a rear spoiler that aids aerodynamics and a potent braking system are among the features list as well.

Expect a full-blown unveiling soon.

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