The BMW 3.0 CSL proves that 50th birthdays don’t have to be boring 

Not only does it look badass but it’s also the most powerful six-cylinder BMW ever made

When all hope was lost and we thought BMW was going to give itself the XM as its 50th birthday present, they go and drop this. The 2022 3.0 CSL might just be the greatest birthday present imaginable and we couldn’t be happier for BMW for taking such a brave step forward.

So, what is this bewinged brute that BMW has launched? Well, it’s something of an automotive masterpiece, combining the beauty of a sports car with the stark contrast of insane aero and flared arches – it’s truly something to behold. It’s essentially a limited edition variant of the already limited M4 CSL but with ten more horsepower, taking the total output to 560hp. This now makes it the most powerful six-cylinder BMW ever made, and we bet it sounds great too.

Mated to the superb 3.0-litre turbocharged engine setup is a manual gearbox which helps send all this power straight to the rear wheels, in what we can only imagine being a not-so-subtle affair. We don’t actually know how fast it’ll be yet but you can guarantee this new car will be significantly quicker than the standard M4 with a manual gearbox – that accelerates from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds.

In terms of styling, we’re glad to report that BMW has stepped away from its really tall, long grilles and has moved to something that suits the face of the car much better. Now, it looks even meaner than any M4 you can think up – and don’t forget those epic yellow headlights.

As you move down towards the front splitter, you’ll notice two circular vents, and these are in fact real and are inspired by the classic CSL, as are the vertical carbon fins that run down each side of the bonnet. Its design is somewhat of a masterpiece and one which no other mainstream car makers are doing. So for that, BMW, we salute you.

Now, since BMW are making just 50 units (to celebrate 50 years of its M division), there’s likely going to be a hefty price tag attached to each one sold. BMW hasn’t confirmed how much it will cost, but it will no doubt be significantly pricier than the M4 CSL at $154,000 a pop.

We’re really glad BMW decided to grow a pair and do something out of the ordinary. Okay, so reminiscing about the past isn’t something new in the car world. We’ve seen Lamborghini doing it with the Countach and Ferrari with the Daytona SP3 but at least BMW didn’t stick to its original plan and settle with the XM concept as the 50th birthday present for its beloved M division.

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