It’s almost Christmas: Whose merchandise do petrolheads want the most?

This latest study shows which brands car enthusiasts buy merch from the most

It’s almost the holidays which means you’ll be wanting to kit out your beloved petrolhead loved one with the best merchandise you can find. But which?

Luckily, this recent study from AutoTrader may be able to point you in the right direction. 

Looking at Etsy data, Google search volumes and visits to their online merchandise stores, Auto Trader has found that Jeep, Ferrari and BMW top the merchandise charts. 

On top of that, Tesla, Karma and Polestar are the most popular electric vehicle brands when it comes to buying some cool merch.

Like sports teams from around the world, car brands benefit greatly from merchandise – especially the ones above who must be raking it in every single holiday season.

So, you know the top three car brands for merchandise, but who are the others?

Top 20 most popular car brands for merchandise:

  1.  Jeep
  2. Ferrari
  3. BMW
  4. Ford
  5. Volvo
  6. Tesla
  7. Mercedes
  8. Porsche
  9. Toyota 
  10. Honda
  11. Audi
  12. McLaren 
  13. Subaru
  14. Nissan
  15. Land Rover
  16. Chevrolet 
  17. Lamborghini
  18. Jaguar
  19. Hyundai
  20. Kia

Did any of the above shock you? We wouldn’t be surprised if a few did because we were shocked to see Lamborghini so low on the list and Jeep at number one. But why would this be? Well, Jeep’s merchandise options reflect its outdoor values, with a range of robust outdoor adventure kit bags and backpacks, through to woolly hats, wooden pencils and camping mugs. This makes them incredibly versatile and allows them to cover all bases – resulting in more sales and greater popularity. 

On the other end of the scale, Ferrari’s merchandise includes Prancing Horse jewellery, avant-garde leather and fur coats and metallic tote bags. These tend to be in the thousands of dollars – as you’d expect from a luxury Italian supercar maker.

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