Meet The Fourth Cadillac EV!

After the striking Lyriq, the brash Escalade IQ and the magnificent Celestiq, Cadillac is all set to introduce a fourth electric vehicle (EV). What you see here is called the Optiq – notice the ‘iq’ that has been common in all EV names. It has been tagged as a 2025 model. Almost nothing has been confirmed about the Optiq, except that it will act as the entry point for the brand’s EV lineup in North America, slotting below the Lyriq.

The Optiq seems to follow the same design language we’ve seen on other Cadillac EVs, especially with the front and rear lights. And in profile, it’s leaning more towards a crossover than a boxy SUV. But that’s mainly to keep the high-riding body as slippery as possible through the air.

Since Cadillac and Chevrolet use GM’s Ultium battery platform, one could try to join the dots here – Optiq with Equinox. But the carmaker will reveal details about availability, pricing and specifications in 2024.

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