Mazda CX-60: What does the entry-level model look like?

At just over €50,000, its starting price is logically high. But does this guarantee a decent presentation?

In the list of obscure pastimes, rummaging through the configurators in search of basic models is surprisingly rich in information. While some brands take penny-pinching to the extreme, others make an appreciable effort. This is often the case with Mazda, which offers an appealing presentation from the entry-level model range. With prices starting at €50,350, can the new CX-60 repeat the feat?

Serious equipment

There’s no point in prolonging the suspense: the Japanese SUV manages brilliantly and doesn’t fall into typical German ways. The basic Prime-Line trim level is well equipped with LED lights with fog lamps and headlight washers. The front grille retains its large chrome insert and is stylish and elegant, two values dear to the brand. In profile, the 18-inch wheels are modestly shaped, but far from indecent. Finally, white is the only free colour in a very successful colour chart. Predictable.

Rear parking sensors, without the rear view camera

Fortunately, the CX-60 includes rear parking radars as standard equipment, because parking this 4.75 m big guy by eye – or by noise, it’s up to you – is not easy. To get the front radars and the very practical reversing camera, you’ll have to go for the higher trim level. On board, the Mazda is unsurprisingly decked out in black fabric upholstery. The dual-zone automatic climate control is part of the basic equipment and so is the convenient hands-free start.

However, hands-free access is not available. In terms of connectivity, the Japanese carmaker provides the basics with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless connectivity, while the eight-speaker audio system will prove sufficient. In any case, the twelve-speaker Bose sound system is part of a package that costs €2,600 on all models except the entry level.

No more options, just accessories!

And while we’re on the subject of extras, you should know that the Prime-Line trim level offers no options, only styling and transport accessories. Naughty. To benefit from additional equipment, we can only advise you to aim for the superior Exclusive-Line level at €51,900. In fact, this would be the only criticism that could be made of the CX-60 as it will satisfy its future owners with talent.

An efficient and generous engine

The best surprise of the SUV is undoubtedly under its long bonnet. A very noble 3.3 litre inline-six will flatter the driver without any difficulty. With 200 PS and 400 Nm of torque, this charming diesel engine, combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission, is also a remarkable model of economy. With the CX-60 again, Mazda plays the entry-level game wisely.

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