HONOR Magic Club Takes Off in the UAE with a Sandy Photo Adventure

The launch of the HONOR Magic Club shows that HONOR is all about innovation, creativity, and supporting their local fans.

HONOR just launched the HONOR Magic Club, a cool program designed to turn you from phone owner to phone pro. This club isn’t just about showing off your fancy HONOR phone (although, let’s be honest, they are pretty sweet). It’s about learning how to use all those awesome camera features and take some seriously brag-worthy pics. The club will host workshops led by professional photographers, so you can get expert tips and tricks straight from the source.


To kick things off, HONOR kicked off the Magic Club with a desert photography workshop. It wasn’t your average classroom session – think sand dunes, and majestic falcons, and learn how to capture it all with your HONOR phone! Led by the amazing photographer Mahmoud Marei, the workshop showcased the power of the HONOR Magic V2 and HONOR Magic6 Pro cameras. Participants learned the basics of phone photography but with a special focus on these HONOR devices’ unique features.. “The UAE is a huge market for HONOR,” shared Mr Laurence, the big boss of HONOR in the GCC region. “The Magic Club is all about celebrating our users and showing them how to unlock everything their HONOR phones can do. This desert workshop was a blast, and it showed off the incredible AI camera features of the HONOR Magic Series, especially that cool AI Motion Sensing Capture. We loved seeing everyone’s enthusiasm, and we can’t wait to host more workshops in the future.”


Mahmoud Marei, the workshop leader, was equally excited: “The HONOR Magic Club is a fantastic idea. Sharing my photography knowledge with this community in such a unique setting is awesome. The cameras on the HONOR Magic Series are seriously next-level. You can take mind-blowing pictures with just your phone! The AI features and pro-level adjustments work together to create stunning photos, no matter what you’re shooting – action shots, epic landscapes, or even the starry night sky.” The workshop wasn’t just listening to a lecture. Participants got to put their phones to the test in the desert! Using the super-fast AI tech and powerful cameras of the HONOR Magic V2 and HONOR Magic6 Pro, they captured stunning desert scenes – think falcons soaring through the sky, owls perched on branches, and graceful gazelles. Here are some of the cool features they explored: AI Motion Sensing Capture: Exclusive to the HONOR Magic Series, this feature lets you capture fast-moving subjects with ease. The workshop participants even used it to take pictures of fire shows and Sufi performers in action!AI Falcon Camera (HONOR Magic6 Pro): This cutting-edge tech, paired with Pro mode, allowed participants to create amazing light paintings and night photos. It captured every detail, no matter how dim the lighting.

More Magic to Come!

The HONOR Magic V2 and HONOR Magic6 Pro have been a big hit in the UAE, thanks to their focus on user experience and impressive AI features. The launch of the HONOR Magic Club shows that HONOR is all about innovation, creativity, and supporting their local fans. With exciting workshops planned for the rest of the year, the HONOR Magic Club is sure to turn you into a smartphone photography whiz!

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