Eve And Kookiejar To Join Forces For Urban ATMS Ops In Dubai

The ATMS mentioned in the title has nothing to do with Automated Teller Machines. What it actually stands for is Air Traffic Management System. To develop one for Dubai’s urban areas, two companies have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) – Eve Air Mobility from the USA and Kookiejar from Sweden. A well-established ATMS is a must to support vertiport operations. Both firms have agreed on a phase-wise approach, in which networks of vertiports will be connected via Eve’s Urban ATM system to complement Dubai’s urban air mobility. The duo aims to commercialise the partnership in 2025-2026.

This is Eve’s first Urban ATM agreement in Dubai, and Kookiejar is its tenth Urban ATM and fifth vertiport customer. Backed by Embraer, a renowned name in the aviation industry, Eve engages Atech, Embraer’s Air Traffic Control technology and system integrator company. Kookiejar, on the other hand, is already working with stakeholders in Dubai to evaluate the possible routes for eVTOLs within existing VFR (Visual Flight Rules) corridors used by helicopters. The company is also in talks with its partners Vertiport Hub at Air Chateau and Dubai South. Of course, regulatory approvals are key before any of it is implemented. Moreover, proper support from various service providers, fleet operators, vertiport developers and airports will play a vital role.

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