Despite its low pricing, the MG4 performs well in the moose test

Despite its much lower price than the competition, the Chinese electric compact car is doing quite well

The MG4 is designed for the European market and is a clear challenger to the leading electric compact cars such as the Volkswagen ID.3 and the Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric. The Chinese car can rely on its modern technology, its extensive equipment and – above all – its unbeatable price to make its mark. However, does this last criterion dictate a discounted driving experience?

A result worthy of the best

If you look at the result of the test conducted by the Spanish km77 chain, not really… Not at all! With an entry speed of 74 kph, the MG4 is a good match for the Renault itself, which is highly regarded for its road holding. The Cupra Born, a technical cousin of the ID.3 with a sportier look, is only slightly faster, at 75 kph. There is currently no faster electric compact car.

In general, the MG4 has a more than decent record of passing through the cone lanes with dexterity and promptness. There is a certain tendency to understeer, fortunately compensated by a derisory body roll despite the relatively soft damping. In addition to this flattering observation, there is one detail that is not misleading: the relatively high exit speed, at 48 kph. This is the undeniable proof that the ESP was not too intrusive, revealing a well born chassis.

Standard tyres

And, rarely seen on an electric car, the car is fitted with Continental PremiumContact C tyres which do not aim to reduce rolling resistance. This specificity probably helped the MG4 to reach the level of its best rivals. In fact, the Luxury version with the large 64 kWh battery was chosen for the test model, which is inevitably heavier and less agile than the 51 kWh version. On the whole, the MG4’s dynamic balance is positive and will satisfy the vast majority of motorists in any case.

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