You Must Check Out This Maserati

It’s called Project24, and only 62 units will be made.

It seems Maserati has some track records in its sight. That’s why it has prepared these renders of an upcoming car. It’s called Project24, and only 62 units will be made. And nope, it isn’t road-legal. That said, it meets FIA regulations to enter competitions.

Here are the highlights. The 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 comes from the Maserati MC20, albeit with different turbochargers. It has been tuned to produce 740hp, over 100hp more than the donor sportscar. The 6-speed sequential gearbox transfers the oomph to the rear wheels, while a racing clutch and a limited-slip self-locking differential are also in the mix. 

We don’t have any performance numbers because the car is yet to be built. But, Maserati is aiming for a dry weight of 1,250kg. If that comes out to be accurate, Project24 will offer 1.69hp/kg. Coupled with that will be carbon-ceramic brakes from Brembo, a complete carbon fibre bodywork and chassis, and double-wishbone suspension with adjustable dampers.

Maserati will also equip Project24 with multi-adjustable front and rear wings and an aerodynamically-optimised bodywork to increase downforce, which is vital in racing. Also, the two-seater track-only car will pack FIA-approved rain light, FT3 120-litre fuel tank, a fire extinguisher and a safety roll cage. Other differences from the MC20 include the 18-inch forged aluminium rims with centre lock, slick tyres and Lexan front and side windows.

Indoors, the Project24 will house racing seats (a passenger seat is optional), adjustable racing pedal box and steering column, a 6-point racing seatbelt and a multi-function carbon fibre steering wheel with a built-in display. The list of optional extras includes a rear-view camera, telemetry recording, in-car camera, driving performance optimisation display and a tyre pressure monitoring system.

All that sounds great. And it might even break some records on tracks around the world. But, Maserati claims that Project24 will “become an instant classic collector’s item”. Why not? Because let’s face it – it’ll be a limited-run car, and knowing how Maserati does things, it could very well be a beauty to behold.

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