Ultraviolette F77 tows 15,000 kg load

Ultraviolette F77 tows not one but two heavy vehicles – alone!

Electric vehicles are well known for their insane instant torque delivery, and we have seen multiple stunts doing rounds on the internet with EVs – where we have witnessed EVs performing unimaginable acts – such as Tesla Model S plaid annihilating a 1500hp Bugatti Divo on a drag strip to even seeing the all-new Tesla Cybertruck beating a Porsche 911 all the while towing a Porsche 911 – but this is insane!

About the bike in discussion

Ultraviolette F77 is India’s first electric sports bike which was launched in November 2022 by Ultraviolette a start-up focused on electric mobility established in 2016 – F77 is Ultraviolette’s first product for the masses which is available in two variants and a special edition, F77 starts from 3.80 lakh to 4.50 lakhs depending on the variant – making it the most expensive electric two-wheeler in India.

The Stunt

It has been sort of a trend where new electric manufacturers – perform unique stunts showcasing the capabilities of their product – Ultraviolette is not new to this they have been pulling off some stunts to create an appeal for their bike as a marketing ploy – but what Ultraviolette did recently is quite unique and jaw-dropping and should even make EV pessimist to acknowledge their prowess.

In the video shared by the founder Mr Narayan Posted on his social media handle- something to note here is this video was shared soon after Tesla shared their video of the cyber truck with the Porsche 911 – I Digress, as you can see in the Video a two-wheeler is strapped to a Truck ( goods carrier) and a passenger Bus and effortlessly pulling these two heavy weights along which are reported to weight around 15000 kg together.

Pretty impressive, don’t you think? – I do, even if these stunts are Manufacturers’ ways to market their product, I think what this video shows is the endless capabilities of an electric vehicle – and don’t forget where those two behemoths weighed around 15000kg the Ultraviolette F77 tipped the scales at only 200 kgs.

Performance Figures

The Variant of Ultraviolette F77 that stars in this video is the ‘’Recon” variant which costs about Rs 4.50 Lakhs and its performance numbers are – 30.1 kWh (about 40hp) and nearly 100 Nm of torque which of course comes on instantly – which probably is the reason why a small two-wheeler is capable of pulling 15,000 kg of load – a unique but great way to display what electric torque is capable of.

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