The Rimac Nevera is officially the world’s fastest electric car

It hit 256mph in recent testing –a breeze for a hypercar with almost 2,000hp

Beating everything that came before it, the Rimac Nevera just posted the new fastest speed of any production electric car at 256mph (412kph).

In order to achieve this impressive milestone, the Croatian electric car company had to take its 1,914hp hypercar to the Automotive Testing Papenburg track in Germany. This is made up of two 2.5-mile (4km) straights so you can really put all the power down.

Driven by Rimac’s chief test driver Miro Zrnčević, the Nevera entered the straight at a staggering 155mph and kept climbing. Before he knew it, Miro was travelling a third of the speed of sound and had broken the previous world record by a long shot.

To put this speed into perspective, the Tesla Model S Plaid – known for being rapid – has a top speed of 200mph. So, add 56mph on to that and you have an absolute weapon on your hands.

Following this incredible run, Miro Zrnčević, said: “Simply achieving that alone in a road car is incredibly complex, but in Nevera we have created a car that can travel long distances on a single charge, can tackle tight and twisting race tracks and can drift as well as break straight-line speed records, both for acceleration and V-MAX.

“I’ve driven Nevera since it first turned a wheel and to see the perfectly honed car that is today is a really emotional moment. The most important thing I have learned during the top-speed attempt is how composed and stable the car was – confirming that our aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics teams have done an amazing job.”

Rimac’s Nevera is one of the most advanced hypercars in the world and is now officially the fastest. As mentioned above, it produces just shy of 2,000hp and 1,740lb-ft of torque which is really impressive for a battery-electric car. It features a 6,960-cell, 120kWh battery that powers four motors that drive each individual wheel.

But don’t get too giddy if you plan on buying a €2 million Nevera because Rimac has explicitly said that customer cars will be limited to ‘just’ 219mph, with the full 256mph capability unlocked for “special customer events with support from the Rimac team and under controlled conditions”. Pretty sensible we’d say.

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