The 900hp Pagani Huayra R Evo is the most extreme Huayra money can buy

It gets a long-tail body and an all-access pass to Pagani’s Arte in Pista race program

Even though Pagani launched its third all new hypercar called Utopia in 2022, the company’s latest product isn’t based on it at all. The new car is built as an evolutionary variant of Pagani’s second revolutionary hypercar called the Huayra, with more track-bred capabilities which is why it’s called the Huayra R Evo.

Limited to unknown-but-a-handful units, the Pagani Huayra R Evo essentially enhances the racetrack-centric attributes while keeping Formula Indy race cars as design inspiration. “The inspiration for the design of the Huayra R Evo struck me during a Formula Indy race in Nashville,” says boss Horacio Pagani. “As I observed the single-seater cars with their aeroscreens, the idea of creating a car with protective polycarbonate surfaces and the option to remove the two roof panels to be fully immersed in the allure of the air and the captivating sound of the engine, dawned on me.”

Though, before dwelling deep into the R Evo, acquiring one grants an all-access pass to Pagani’s Arte in Pista program to the buyer. With this, the buyer benefits from a rich calendar of personalized track events at FIA circuits and the technical assistance of the Pagani team to aid along the entirety of the events. The firm encourages buyers to take their cars to the limit with assistance from the technical director for data analysis, track engineers and mechanics, and a motorsports physiotherapist and nutritionist to aid the driver between the tyre changes.

To distinguish the Huayra R Evo from the standard Huayra R, glance over the lower half to witness the front splitter that has protruded forward by a full 101mm and the addition of a monstrous new diffuser and a a central ‘stabilizing’ fin for the gigantic rear wing. If these don’t help in maximising downforce, popping up the roof panels to bump the downforce output by an extra five percent. The R Evo also wields a tweaked iteration of the long-tail body from the special Huayra Codalunga road car, entailing a 190mm increase in length subsequently benefiting the car’s downforce and aerodynamic prowess. And ofcourse, the decaling on the door makes it further evident.

How the driver will distinguish between both cars will be significantly more dramatic as the R Evo carries an upgraded and enhanced V12-R Evo engine producing 900hp, 50 more than the regular R and 770Nm torques. All the power goes to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox which allows the hypercar to achieve a 218 mph top speed. Reportedly, the ride of this track-bred monster is expected to feel smoother courtesy of a double-wishbones suspension setup with electric shocks. Brakes are all-new carbon ceramic Brembo units and the R Evo gets a custom-built set of Pirelli P Zero slick tyres too.

While buying a Pagani Huayra R Evo would be an event in itself for the fortunate few, getting invited to the Arte in Pista program to enjoy a track day along with other Huayra Rs, Zonda Rs and Zonda Revolucions would be an icing on the cake and a treat to the eyes and ears.

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