Tesla opens Europe’s first V4 Supercharger in the Netherlands

In response to competition, the brand is strengthening its fast charging network

Ionity, TotalEnergies, Fastned, Allego and soon Dream Energy… Fast charging networks are gradually expanding on the European motorway network. Tesla, a pioneer in this field, is now taking a significant step forward in Europe by opening its first Supercharger V4 in Harderwijk in the Netherlands. The new-generation charging stations bring several notable changes to their users.

While their power remains at 250 kW like the Supercharger V3, their amperage has increased from 425 to 615 A and their nominal voltage has risen to 1,000 V. In theory, the maximum charging power could therefore reach 600 kW. For the time being, these improvements will mainly enable vehicles with an 800 V architecture to be charged more efficiently.

Improved styling and practicality

In addition to their optimized technology, the new charging stations have a new design. Instead of being hollowed out in the middle like the Supercharger V3, they are solid and much higher. This means that the charging cable is located on the outside of the stall. This cable is easier to handle and will also be more practical with a length of up to three meters. This will make it easier for other electric vehicles to connect.

However, unlike competing charging stations, there is still no card reader or touch screen. To start charging, you will still have to identify yourself via the Tesla application if you do not own a Tesla car. In this race for fast charging, the Californian manufacturer is advancing its pawns: other Supercharger V4s will follow in Europe and Tesla customers will be the first to have access to them before the competition opens up.

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