TAG Heuer Launches Their Most Expensive Watch Ever

For decades, diamonds on a watch have been a luxury statement. Still, you can only push the innovation so much further before you hit a wall. Natural diamonds can limit your creativity and the ways they can be utilized. This year, TAG Heuer changed that.

TAG Heuer released a fascinating new model, the TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma, featuring lab-grown diamonds.

It is a pivotal point in TAG Heuer’s almost 160 years of existence to enter the lab-grown diamonds market. lab-grown diamonds allow creativity to flow as you desire because they can be shaped however you want.

The way diamonds are embedded into the 44mm aluminium case is captivating. This process would have been challenging with naturally grown diamonds as they are hard to shape.

There are ten karats of lab-grown diamonds in the Carrera Plasma, Particularly the crown, which is one big diamond itself, with the TAG Heuer shield inside the crown.

We haven’t even touched on the dial yet! TAG Heuer calls this glitzy dial “polycrystalline diamond dial”, which essentially is a dial made out of finely ground diamond powder. 

Looking inside the watch, you will find the insane In-house Heuer 02T Caliber tourbillon movement with a revolutionary carbon hairspring. According to TAG Heuer’s sales associate, a tourbillon movement is usually encased in a titanium case. But in this case (pun intended), TAG Heuer chose aluminium as the case material to better insert the diamonds into the case.

According to TAG Heuer, the production of TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma is more than one and less than a dozen. It will be priced at CHF 350,000.

TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma is magnificent, and the movement inside is even better. This special edition has been extensively hand-finished by TAG Heuer. Diamonds aren’t for everyone; some may like them, and some may not. But what TAG Heuer has created here is a piece of innovation that has never been done before. Something that could inspire other watchmakers to implement lab-grown diamonds into their watches and come up with crazier and more creative ideas.

I am looking forward to what other brands or even TAG Heuer might do in the future with this innovation.

Thanks to Dubai Watch Union for the invite to experience this exclusive watch.

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